Thank you for your interest in scheduling a meeting directly with our consultants!

Before you proceed, consider the information below:

1. A PaP é especializada em prospecção B2B. Não realiza prospecção com pessoas físicas, portanto não podemos atender a negócios que operam no modelo B2C. 

2. If you are starting your business now and do not yet have a product/service ready to present to the market, prospecting cannot serve to attract customers, since companies, in order to make an appointment, want to know what the product/service offered is.

3. The minimum investment in a prospecting campaign is around R$4 thousand/month, but it can reach R$10 thousand/month or more depending on the scope of the campaign, and the average time for a campaign to mature and start generating financial return is, on average, from 6 months to one year.