Privacy policy

Basically what this page says is that your information, your data and everything you insert in PaP's systems, are yours. We do not sell, rent, exchange or any other creative word that means "make available" this information to anyone. Everything is restricted in the scope of PaP and its suppliers whose only and exclusive attribute is to provide the best service for you.

Ensuring your privacy is very important to us, as is your trust in PaP. We want you to know that all information you share with us is confidential, secure and will never be shared with third parties. We do not share, sell, rent or compromise your information or that of your customers.


This Privacy Statement explains how we handle information entered by our clients and our client's clients into PaP programs. Such information may be handled by PaP and its authorized vendors.

The information may be accessed exclusively by our suppliers to provide the services to PaP and you. We do not share your personal information and that of your clients with third parties other than our suppliers, unless you, our client and/or your client gives us express permission.

Information Collection

PaP may obtain your information in a variety of ways: for example, through our website, business reply cards, opt-in registration forms, surveys, transaction reports, service history, public sources and other sources such as those that provide lists of prospects. 

While you browse our site to learn more about our services without providing any private information, to use PaP's services we will need to collect the minimum amount of information about you in order for us to have billing data, data to determine future upgrades of services as well as data necessary and required by law. For example:

  • Contact and billing data (E-mail is required. Name, telephone, address, city, state and postcode are optional).
  • Browsing behaviour (for example: on your last visit to our site, which pages you browsed...)
  • Service metrics (e.g. what kind of campaigns are being used, how many transactions are being performed...)
  • How did you find out about our programmes.
  • The Business Reply Cards and registration forms you fill in at an event or in response to campaigns we run may also ask you to answer the same questions. This allows us to 'customise' what we send you according to your specific interests.


Information about you may be used in response to your requests for technical support, to customize and improve communication, to evaluate services provided, and for marketing and research and development. Information may be used to provide you with useful offers and valuable tips about PaP promotions and services. While your account information may be accessed by individuals and companies under contract to provide services to PaP, this information may not be used for any purpose other than as expressly authorized by you, nor may it be disclosed to or shared with anyone outside of PaP. 

PaP does not share your information for use by third parties without your permission. You may want to send information from our website or emails to a third party. E-mail addresses sent to or through PaP are not stored for later use in marketing efforts, except with consent.

There is the possibility of disclosure of your information and data in the event of a legal requirement, in conjunction with a government investigation, matter or court order.

Cookies and Other Tracking Mechanisms

We currently use cookies and tracking mechanisms for pages visited on the PaP website. In this way we can provide benefits to you, such as allowing you to maintain your account login information between visits, receive the correct and appropriate level of help and support, or simply credit a recommendation to your visit if and when such services are offered on our site. The use of cookies also allows us to measure site activity to improve the user experience. Cookies and the other mechanisms may be used to tell us when and the duration of your visit, the pages you have browsed on our site, the site you visited before entering ours and the name of your internet service provider.

We may in the future place PaP advertisements on the websites of third parties, such as search engines. On behalf of PaP, these companies may use cookies and other tracking devices to collect information about your visit to other Web sites (information such as the type of browser you used, your IP address, what page you visited, and what time of day). This information may be used to evaluate PaP's online advertising campaigns or to customize promotions and other marketing messages sent to you. You may choose to decline cookies. Please see your browser's Help to learn more about cookies and how to manage them.

External Links

This Site may contain links to third party websites that are not controlled by PaP or covered by this Privacy Statement, such as, but not limited to, customer websites that are featuring their products and/or services, partners and other appropriate sources, independent review sites and newspapers. We recommend that you check the Privacy Statements of other websites you visit and browse before providing any particular information or data.

Secure Information

PaP recognises the importance of protecting information in its possession from theft, misuse or improper distribution. We have security policies and procedures appropriate to the level of data confidentiality. However, it should be noted that no company can perfectly protect information.

Privacy Questions

If you have any questions about PaP's privacy practices, please contact us.


Any changes to our Privacy Statement will be duly posted on this page.

Declaration in force from 01/11/2018