Segment: Software

Challenge: With solid performance with pharmaceutical companies, Cogtive wanted to expand its circle of clients of factory management software used to increase productivity and profitability to the food industry area.

PaP was hired to prospect leads in this new intended area of operation.

"Cogtive Softwares was looking to supply its software solutions in new segments of the transformation industry and PAP was the company selected to assist us in Prospecting Corporate Clients, as it has a proven efficient methodology.

In the path of the project, the commitment, seriousness and quality in meeting our demands, made it evident that the partnership will lead to the closure of new projects in new segments!"

Milton Cavallari Lima


We plan the prospecting campaign, with scripting for different approach formats.

We generated the target audience lists, warmed up and approached 825 companies within the campaign's target segment.

We generated 255 qualified leads in the food and cosmetics industry segment.

We scheduled 41 assertive meetings with high conversion potential.